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Damien Arkinsaw: Gym Teacher OC
Male/Female/Other: Male
First name: Damien
Last name: Arkinsaw
Human Age: 27
Height: 6 . 2 ft
Weight:  160 lbs
Race: Lycan/Black
Immortal: No
Real age:  27
Homeworld/Dimension: Earth
Hair color:  Light Black
Eye color:  Yellow
Skin tone:  Light but Black
Nail color:  I don't think that matters but black I guess.
Most worn outfit:  Muscle shirt and baggy track pants. Track pants black, muscle shirt white. He also wears a colorful hat.
Magic y/n: Yes
Type of magic: Involuntarily an ignition spell.
In case answer to magic was no:
Special abilities: Increased speed and agility. Able to set self on fire at the expense of serious outward damage. High resistance to magic unless it's fire. And super strength.
Weapon(s): Claws and fangs.
Special summon(s)/pet(s): None
Character personality: Is chilled and lay back, and is funny aro
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Journal History

  • Listening to: Airbourne
  • Watching: MajorSlack (REAL Walkthroughs)
  • Playing: Skyrim and Starcraft II
  • Eating: fish and nuts
  • Drinking: Water

So yeah its been a while since I made a journal. Barely anytime these days. And that's good in my books. Well for those who care this is an update on my life.

-got a job in a bakery.

-going to the gym now, and looking pretty good if I do say so myself XD

-School is fine.

So yeah that's pretty much it. But heres what I really wanted to say. I'm getting a tattoo eventually when I can afford to do so. I was going to get a ram's skull on my chest, mostly because I feel it really symbolizes my personality. The one in my avatar pic is the one I wanna get. So if anyone reads this lemme know what you think about the idea of Tattoos.


xXNinja-GingaXx's Profile Picture
Kenneth J. Higham
Artist | Student | Literature
Well, I am known by my friends as Kenny or Ken. Some times Giner Snap. No I am not ginger, but other people seem to think brownish hair with a tinge of red is pure ginger so they keep calling me Ginger Snapz ever since I broke my arm in grade 8. I am currrently attending High School in Grade 11. I write because my head has so many ideas that I can't keep up, so I write em out. But it is also my downfall considering that I have too many ideas, I can't pick which one to write. I like anime, not all anime, mostly just Naruto and Bleach but I am open and I have thought about getting into other series soon as I reach the Quota for Bleach. I. Love. Games. I play Xbox and PC games, but mostly Xbox because I only have two PC games. I play first person shooters to third person shooters, and I love single player games like Fallout or Bioshock. My favorite games are Halo REACH, MW2 and 3, L4D, F.E.A.R 2 and 3, and Fallout. When I'm not gaming I'm on the computer here on dA and look at creations or Role Play with my friends. I love DeviantART. Everyone here is so nice and great, Hell most people on here I like talking to more than my own friends here in Canada. Yes I'm Canadian. No I dont live in an igloo, my dad is not a fur trader, its pronounced about not a boot, and the beaver is a proud and noble animal!

Anyways moving on with the people on dA. I meet some great new people everyday. And they keep getting better. I even met someone VERY special on here from Minnesota. She's a big part of why I go on almost everyday. I play Hockey when I'm not gaming or on dA. I try to gather some friends to play road hockey, or go skating, or just chill. I love the people here, some more than others, (*cough* Hayley *cough*) but that doesnt mean I don't love chillin with my good friends like Cooper, Jake or Nick. But since none of you care about them, I'm not going to go into that.

My Home Dog Rusty had past away and he will always be remembered. May he R.I.P. Anyways thats all I have on the update. Stay Frosty.

Favourite genre of music: Rap, Rock, Altternative
Favourite style of art: Digital art, Literatrue
MP3 player of choice: Really? MP3? Every one has iPods.
Shell of choice: Shotgun Shell. *puts on sunglasses* Oh yeah!
Skin of choice: I have a choice of my skin? In that case, I wanna be black.
Favourite cartoon character: Beast Boy, Raven, Batman, Joker, Cyborg. Naruto, Kakashi, Gai, Lee, Gaara, Hidan, and Hinata, Aang, Suka. Taiga, Ryuuji.
Personal Quote: Nice pants ;)



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